Data Cabling

Do you need help with cabling?

At 3s Northampton Limited our dedicated staff can help you with data cabling and high speed fibre optic cabling no matter what size your business may be.

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Fibre optic cabling

Here at 3s Northampton Limited we can offer the total fibre solution designed to reach beyond today’s technology requirements.

The introduction of high-speed applications such as gigabit Ethernet and more recently 10-gigabit Ethernet, has led to the requirement for a new set of standards and performance criteria for fibre optic cables. These standards define optical performance levels in a similar way to the copper categories already in existence.

In place of the simple choice of multi-mode or single-mode the four classes of fibre that can now be referenced are, OM1 (optical multimode), OM2, OM3 and OS1 (optical single mode).

When selecting a fibre type consideration needs to be given to cable and channel performance and application requirements. As our client and with our experience in fibre optics, 3s Northampton Limited can guide and assist you in the process ensuring the correct fibre type is selected and installed, not only to meet these requirements, but also to match any future upgrade of transmission equipment.

Whatever your requirements, 3s Northampton Limited have fibre solutions to meet the demands of small, medium and large size businesses alike.

Structured cabling

Here at 3s Northampton Limited we appreciate that in today’s modern business world, network integrity is critical and the key to this is a solid foundation at the physical layer.

Although vendor independent, 3s Northampton Limited works closely with a wide range of manufacturers. This enables our project managers, in consultation with you as our client, to select a solution, to fit your requirements and budget. Employing fully trained and quality oriented installers we deliver solutions capable of supporting your agreed current and foreseeable network demands. All our work is carried out in accordance with the relevant sections of BS6701:2004.

As you would expect from a quality organisation such as 3s Northampton Limited we fully test the installed cabling system to the relevant international standards using the latest high performance testers. Along with the test results, all-labelling, outlet positions and cabinet locations are recorded and offered to the client as standard. In the case of a warranty being offered, the test results are sent to the manufacturer for verification and certification.

Our fibre optic and data cabling services include:

  • Category 5e, category 6 and 6a
  • Category 7 and fibre optic cabling
  • Field accessory RJ45 points
  • Cabinets and shelving units
  • Power supply units
  • UPS units/fan units/patch leads
  • Telephone system cabling and migration
  • Telephone adapters
  • System design
  • Testing and certification